It’s no secret that photographs play an important role in the guest’s booking decision.

Customers want to rest assured that they’ve found the ideal hotel for the best price. To feel secure with their purchase they need have some tangibility for such an intangible product like a night’s stay. Accurate descriptions, online reviews and photos work together to provide that physicality for travellers shopping online.

As the old adage goes, a picture tells a thousand words. It’s no surprise then that the success of your listing depends heavily on its visual content.

Is your main listing image telling the story you wish to convey?

First impressions mean everything.  Your main listing photo will be the first point of contact between the traveller and your accommodation, and probably the last if the image is not appealing.

Let’s put ourselves in the customers’ shoes. We are travelling to a popular destination in USA and we want to make sure that the hotel we choose does not disappoint. We search trivago for the desired dates. Let’s just imagine for a minute that two results are generated and neither has a picture.

Which other factors would you consider before booking? Probably the price and the rating and reviews of the hotel.

In this case, when you see the two hotel listings without images, you will probably book the hotel with the better rating and lower price.

Yet, everything would change if the traveller is provided with a picture of the accommodations.

Would you be willing to pay a slightly higher price if the hotel looks much nicer? In this situation the potential guest will probably say ‘yes’.

How to select the best image:

  1. Add a well-lit, professional looking image that showcases the hotel room or exterior
  2. Ensure that the image is recent and accurate
  3. Horizontal (landscape format) images are preferred.
  4. Upload a high quality (at least 2000 pixels wide) image for a clean, crisp and attractive look

How to change my main profile image at trivago?

If your trivago hotel profile already exists, you can easily change your main image through trivago Hotel Manager. I will show you how in 3 short steps:

  1. Sign in with your registration email and password.
    Not registered? Read more here to add your hotel to trivago Hotel Manager for FREE
  2. Click on “Images & Media” and then on “Images”, located at the left side menu.
  3. You will find a section called “Your Main Image”. Click on “Choose Image”, and select the image you want to set as the main one following our tips above. Once done, click on the “Upload” button.


And that’s it, you’re done! Now our colleagues will check that the new main image fulfills the quality criteria. Assuming it does, you can expect our team to approve it within a few days.  If not, don’t sweat it – we’ll email you and let you know what to do to make it better.

Diego Alonso Jiménez

Diego is trivago’s Industry Manager for the Spanish market. A native of Spain, he’s a seasoned traveller interested in culture and proficient in several languages. Diego contributes his wealth of knowledge in web 2.0 tactics, e-commerce and online hotel reputation to the blog. Around here we know him as a fanatic learner and digital marketing guru. His great sense of curiosity drives him to continuously keep hoteliers ahead of hotel industry news and digital trends.

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