Check out these hotel marketing insights from our last trivago Hotel Manager Webinar to learn what travellers want and how to stand out on hotel metasearch.

1. Who are the travellers that search for a hotel on metasearch?

It’s worth knowing who your travellers are and when they are searching for hotels so as to better target them with marketing.

Here’s an overview of when each type of traveller searches their ideal hotel on trivago:

metasearch marketing trends show us what makes travellers choose a particular hotel

Complete and accurate profiles including address information, room details and amenities get 70% of all clicks made on the “View Deal” button.

2. What features on a hotel profile lead to traveller conversions?

  • Hotel profiles with only high quality images also perform better, getting 63% more clicks on “View Deal”, compared to profiles that only show low quality images.
  • Descriptions help travellers to decide which hotel to choose. Hotel profiles that have a description receive 79% of clicks on “View Deal” as opposed to profiles that are lacking a description who only receive 21%”.
  • Having prominent contact details in the hotel profile increases its direct bookings by 3x more.
  • The right incentive in your Hotel News can bring 5x more clicks to your official hotel website.
  • Reducing one of the rates of your hotel by 5%, can increase traffic in 15%.

3. How can you improve your hotel’s performance on metasearch?

Once you know your audience, you need the tools to target them better. trivago Hotel Manager (tHM) is the solution for marketing your property on metasearch. It helps hoteliers to reach these visitors and improve their online performance.

Metasearch Marketing covers different functions to help maximise a hotel’s potential on metasearch sites by aggregating three main pillars of the hospitality industry: hotel information, reputation and rates.

Now that you understand where travelers click and what profile features lead to traveler conversions, use this checklist to make sure you optimize your hotel profile through trivago Hotel Manager.

If you want to know more about this subject, please click here to watch the video of this webinar.

Matilde Serôdio

Born and raised in Lisbon, Matilde is trivago’s Global Workshops and Webinars Specialist. She’s a people person at heart and an expert in tourism management for online travel. Prior to joining trivago, she worked for a portfolio of premium golf and business resorts. While there, exceptional customer service became her core focus. She’s here to share her tips with you, improve your hotel’s online reputation and boost your direct bookings. Post by post and webinar by webinar.

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