Over the past three months we hosted three trivago webinars to help hoteliers navigate the online marketing world and understand the technological solutions available to them to help market and manage their hotels.

Here are brief recaps of each webinar and the recordings.

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Webinar: How hotels benefit from metasearch marketing

One in two travellers uses metasearch to find their ideal hotel, but many hoteliers are still in the dark about how metasearch works, and how they can use it as a marketing channel to drive more bookings to their hotel.

Metasearch aggregates information from across the web to present all the options to the traveller in one place, saving the them time and effort when they’re looking for a hotel. trivago receives 1.4 billion visits each year from the millions of travellers who use the 55 localised websites to compare rates from more than 250 booking sites.

Watch this webinar to understand how metasearch works, how it can benefit your hotel, and how you can take control of your hotel profile on trivago with trivago Hotel Manager.

Duration of recording: 29:07

Webinar: How quality online content impacts your hotel’s performance 

Your hotel profile on trivago is the key to attracting travellers to book with your hotel. But once you’ve registered your hotel with trivago Hotel Manager, what do you do next?

You add quality content. Your hotel profile contains three types of content: written content, visual content, and hotel details.

Quality written content starts with a unique and engaging hotel description. Your visual content is all about hotel images that are high quality, and a main image that tells a story about your hotel. And hotel details help match your hotel to travellers’ specific needs, which they’ve indicated via the filters on trivago.

By building a unique profile on trivago with trivago Hotel Manager, you can make your hotel stand out among your competitors to this huge segment of online travellers. More engagement with your hotel profile on trivago means more bookings to your hotel — specifically, registered hotels with top-ranked profiles receive 35% of their bookings from trivago travellers. learn more about quality content and how it will boost your online performance.

Learn more about quality content and how it will boost your online performance by watching this webinar.

Duration of recording: 32:06

Webinar: Put your focus back on the guests. How a property management system can help

The daily demands upon a hotelier are as numerous as they are varied. Coordinating reservations, orchestrating staff activities, processing invoices….  But no responsibility is more important to a hotelier than ensuring that their guests are comfortable, cared for, and happy with their stay.

Unfortunately, it’s the guest experience that can be compromised when a hotelier is struggling to juggle all their responsibilities at once.

Base7booking offers the solution: an all-in-one cloud-based property management system. It enables you to streamline day-to-day operations and centralize your reservation system. And, since it can be expanded to include a channel manager and booking engine, it can help both to eliminate the risk of overbooking and improve your direct conversion funnel.

Cloud-based technology means you can skip the paperwork with one-click check-in and check-out for your guests, and access your management system from anywhere, at any time.

Learn more about the Base7booking solution and get a demonstration of a few of its features in this webinar. If you’d like an individualised assessment of how the Base7booking solutions can benefit your unique property, we encourage you to book a customised and complimentary consultation with one of their experts here.

Duration of recording: 34:34

Aly Thompson

Aly is trivago’s Industry Manager for English-speaking markets. She began her career in hospitality and service and is passionate about creating unique and memorable customer experiences. She studied marketing and communication and is focused on empowering hoteliers to harness the power of digital marketing to target guests around the world.

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