Register now to watch the exclusive free trivago-Tnooz webinar on March 30 at 17:00 CET.

We’re teaming up with Tnooz, a leading global voice in the industry for travel and hospitality technology, to present an exclusive free trivago-Tnooz TLearn webinar for hoteliers: “How to win more direct bookings from data.”

Hoteliers are busy keeping their guests happy, filling their rooms, and staying on top of the latest tech innovations—and they’re missing out on unparalleled opportunities to win more direct bookings. The technological and strategic advantage of leveraging traveller data is something independent hoteliers have yet to embrace. It’s time to change that.

Join expert panellists in this free English-language webinar:

  • Aly Thompson, trivago’s Industry Manager for UK and Ireland, will present the topic
  • Tnooz Senior Editor Kevin May and Tnooz Deputy Editor and Producer Linda Fox will moderate the discussion


Tune in and take part as we explore:

  • Intuitive vs data-driven decisions in marketing businesses
  • The main challenges in collecting and analysing travel data
  • What kind of travel data should be taken into consideration
  • How to transform data into information that’ll increase business value and direct bookings
  • What data reveals about rates, travellers’ hotel-search behaviour, and how a hotel’s online profile affects its bookings


Participants will also learn about the easy-to-use technology that enables hoteliers to both access invaluable data and increase direct bookings through their own websites—all on one platform.

Register now and mark your calendar: THURSDAY 30 MARCH AT 17:00 CET (0800 PST, 1100 EST, 1600 GMT).


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