In the digital age we are more connected than ever before: thousands of mobile applications and tools now make communication in the hospitality industrybetween hoteliers, Millennials, and tech companieslightning fast and incredibly easy. But nevertheless, there often seems to be a lack of authentic conversation within the industry when it comes to fully understanding the daily pains hoteliers are facing, and supporting them in their efforts to connect with travellers and provide an ideal guest experience. It’s why we built the Industry Management team at trivago: market experts with extensive knowledge in revenue management, hotel technology, distribution channels, direct marketing, and about the latest trends in travel and hospitality.

They’re also able to interpret trivago´s big data in order to showcase global and local findings and determine the solutions that will help hoteliers improve their online presence and better understand their guests’ behaviors. They’re a group of dedicated individuals who connect with hoteliers on a personal, human level, to empower them to be more competitive online and drive direct bookings to their own websites.

Because after all, strong business connections need more than just advanced technology: they need people. Communication channels can facilitate conversation, but it takes engaged industry experts to fuel productive, helpful dialogues about how hoteliers can improve their businesses.

A look at the Industry Management team and our scope

Present in 33 languages, in 55 markets, and with over 120 million users per month, trivago is truly a global company. And trivago Hotel Manager, the hotelier-focused side of the site, is reinventing the way hoteliers connect to all these international travellers—potential guests—through metasearch marketing. But despite our size, we still believe it’s best to think global but act local.

This is why the Industry Management team is composed of experts from all over the world, each with a background in hospitality and travel and who acts as trivago’s “spokesperson” in their own country. It helps us further identify with our hoteliers and their specific struggles within their markets, and connect with them on a personalised level. The localization also make us more accessible, and lets hoteliers approach us directly and in their own language whenever they need guidance on cutting-edge products or advice about their business.

We also regularly organise:

  • National and regional events
  • Interactive workshops
  • Dynamic online seminars

Furthermore, hoteliers can find us at international travel trade fairs such as ITB in Berlin and World Travel Market in London, where we join forces with key stakeholders to share ideas and foster innovation.

Tailored marketing solutions

In a time where standardisation is the general rule of thumb for most companies, the hotel industry still operates across vastly different markets, each with its specificities and idiosyncrasies. Which means that hoteliers around the world will have disparate struggles, and should therefore be given customised consideration in the support they receive.

It’s also true that small and medium businesses need tailored solutions to really make a difference in their businesses and enable them to compete with the big players.

There is no “one size fits all” solution for hotels. And no matter how fast and easy communication in the industry may be, for it to be quality communication there has to be attentive and knowledgeable people involved. That’s why localising and personalising our support, placing the individual hotel at the center of our focus and developing human connections with our hoteliers, is how we approach our goal of empowering all hotel managers achieve greater business success.

We want to meet you

Every one of us in the industry has a stake in the future of hotel search, and so everyone should get to participate in the conversations that shape it. That’s why we’re always looking for ways to bring peers in the hospitality sector together, to connect, converse, and collaborate.

This fall we’re hosting a variety of webinars and workshops tailored to help hoteliers like you get more out of their online marketing efforts. Additionally, we’ll be setting up a stand at some of the most well-respected conferences and trade shows in the industry.

What are you waiting for?

Let’s meet up and talk about your hotel business. Join us this autumn at WTM, INTUR SpainBTO Florence, or the 100% Hotelshow in Greece.

If you can’t make it to these trade shows but want to join us at a workshop, you can email us at Include the name and location of your hotel, and we’ll let you know when we have a workshop in your area or a webinar that you can attend from the comfort of your hotel.

José Murta

José is leading a team of industry experts within trivago’s newly founded Hotel Relations team, a unit that is reinventing the way trivago connects with hoteliers worldwide through its core product, trivago Hotel Manager (tHM). His goal is to establish trivago as the number one marketing channel for hoteliers, to empower them to boost their ranking on trivago and drive bookings directly to their hotel websites. Enabling hoteliers to expand their opportunities online is a challenge that pivots on José’s keen interest in the start-up scene, his passion for travel and his experience in business development.

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