trivago Is Strengthening Its Direct Relationships with Hoteliers

trivago N.V. is amplifying its efforts in empowering hoteliers to succeed online by creating a sales subsidiary to accelerate hotel direct business.

The dependent company, trivago Hotel Relations GmbH, will focus on growing and strengthening its relationships with independent hotels.

“With this step we are accelerating our ability to scale an exceptionally skilled international salesforce and build stronger ties with hoteliers. It enables us to work even closer with hoteliers and better support them in making their direct marketing successful.” Johannes Thomas, Managing Director and Chief Revenue Officer at trivago N.V., said. He explained: “We’ve seen significant success in our hotel direct business over the past two years. At the same time, we learned that scaling a sales organization requires a different culture, operating mode, and set of talents compared to a technology organization. We believe that being a dedicated company provides it with the necessary freedom to determine its own identity.”

With the founding of trivago Hotel Relations GmbH, trivago is disrupting the way it connects with hoteliers. trivago believes that a dependent company with a hotelier-focused team can expand and scale faster, can attract the right talents, and can build more ties — and stronger ties — to more hoteliers in more countries.

And trivago further believes that a strong direct-hotel relationship enables the hotelier to not only get online, but to optimize their presence and maximize their performance online as well, so that they can connect with more travelers and drive more bookings.

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Pushing hotel-tech adoption with a team of hotelier-focused experts

The traveler’s shift to an online booking journey could easily play right into the hands of the hotel — provided that the latter embraces the digitization of the industry. That’s where a team of hotelier-focused sales experts who know what it takes to compete online comes into play.

trivago Hotel Relations GmbH aims to both facilitate and speed up the challenging but crucial process of adopting technology and getting online. The goal is to ensure that every single hotel in the world is able to appear online, compete online, and ultimately drive direct business online.

Facilitating the shift to an online world of hotel seekers and bookers

In the coming years, it’s going to be increasingly important for hotels to be visible and bookable online, all the while delivering satisfying guest experiences. trivago N.V. provides the technology that empowers hoteliers to achieve this; trivago Hotel Relations GmbH provides the support and expertise in accessing this technology and using it to its full potential.

Based in Düsseldorf, Germany, trivago Hotel Relations GmbH will be the group entity responsible for trivago’s relationships with over 310,000 hoteliers around the world. The company starts with over 160 employees from 21 countries and aims to grow its team in 2018 to support more hoteliers in effectively using trivago’s suite of technology solutions tailored to the independent hotel.

These solutions enable hoteliers to offer a streamlined and seamless guest experience at each stage of the customer journey — search, book, and stay — so that their hotels can be discovered on trivago and booked online, all the while satisfying their guests during their stays:


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Early on, trivago made a commitment to its hotel advertisers — to focus on developing the most effective, accessible, and intuitive tools and on empowering hoteliers to find success on trivago, to be more competitive online, and to drive more direct bookings.

trivago Hotel Relations GmbH is trivago’s latest step in delivering on that commitment.