Nowadays, the choices available for travelers to book a hotel online are endless. However, we at trivago believe that the ideal way to offer our travelers the best hotel deals is by working closely with you, the hotelier. After all, you know perfectly well what your hotel has to offer.

That’s why we want your property to be more competitive online, and give you the opportunity to present yourself in the best light. To empower you to achieve this goal, trivago provides hoteliers with a premium marketing solution: trivago Hotel Manager PRO.

It gives you the means to promote your property with greater exposure on trivago, and it also helps you develop a competitive online strategy based on exclusive data on competitors and travelers.

In this blog post, Alexander Schuster from 25hours Hotels will share with us how trivago Hotel Manager PRO has helped improve the performance of each of the company’s hotels on trivago and fulfill marketing goals. The popular design hotels, the first of which opened in 2005, place a lot of focus on retaining great performance indicators and, as a result, consistently receive great reviews from their guests.

Who is Alexander Schuster?

I’m the Digital Marketing Manager at 25hours Hotels, and I have over 16 years experience in the hospitality industry. I’m responsible for shaping the digital marketing strategy, and my daily work combines the strategic and executive operations, as well as the monitoring of all the analytics for the different distribution and marketing channels.
A photo of hotelier Alexander Schuster, and a photo of his hotel

What challenges did you face before upgrading to PRO?

At 25hours Hotels we target both leisure and business travelers, adopting our marketing strategy based on the seasonality and days of the week. One of the biggest challenges was targeting the right customers with the right offers and promoting the value of booking directly with our hotel.

Before using trivago Hotel Manager PRO, we had tried various products to promote certain benefits and offers to our guests, but we generally found that there aren’t many vendors that provide a satisfying and easy-to-use solution. When trivago Hotel Manager PRO was offered to us, it took very little time to identify the key benefits of this product—and to decide to make a purchase.

With trivago Hotel Manager PRO not only are we able to market our unique selling propositions directly to our customers, but we also receive useful insights into the behavior of our customers and that of our direct competitors.

What results have you seen since upgrading to PRO?

After purchasing trivago Hotel Manager PRO, the first steps were to set up our account and define future offers. Combined with the great support of the trivago staff, we managed to set up all offers and define our direct competitors quickly. We’re delighted that the product is so easy to use.

trivago Hotel Manager PRO has helped us overcome the challenge of targeting the right customers with the right offers. By using the Special Offer functionality and directly promoting our Contact Details, customers have been much more likely to check out our profiles. Combine this with our price parity visible via the rate overview, customers are more likely to make a booking as well. Immediately after we started using trivago Hotel Manager PRO, guests began choosing us directly online.

Do you have any tips for fellow hoteliers?

Hoteliers should start using PRO to ensure that they target the right customers with their marketing mix. PRO offers a great overview of the types of customers looking at your hotel, and it also allows you to test what kind of offers/news work best to create awareness and increase direct bookings.

Does your property have a similar success story to that of 25hours Hotels? We invite you to share yours in the comment section below. If you haven’t upgraded your account to PRO yet, but you’re curious to know more about the impact it can have on your business, then please click here.

Claude Paradis

Claude is a member of trivago N.V.’s B2B Product Marketing team, having previously worked in the traveler-facing side of the company. With her in-depth knowledge on traveler search behavior, Claude is now fully dedicated to helping hoteliers find their competitive edge on trivago and increase their bookings.

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