The hotel industry has been abuzz with talks surrounding the importance of photos and reviews. It’s an indisputable fact that both of these things set expectations and significantly affect travellers’ decisions. But they are just small parts of a larger picture, and they’re not even the first step in promoting your hotel to prospective guests. That would be adding your hotel details to your hotel profile. But which hotel details do you have to add to your hotel profile on trivago in order to encourage more bookings? To figure that out, you have to understand what travelers are looking for to begin with.

The modern traveller’s search process

47% of travellers use metasearch sites to compare hotel prices (ResearchNow data from 2013-2015). Once a destination is chosen and a budget set, the next step in the quest to find the ideal hotel is to narrow down the options. We find that users have a specific image in mind for the hotel that adheres to certain preferences: e.g. type of accommodation, style, facilities, and services. But how do you show travellers that your hotel is the perfect fit? Well, the easiest and most concise way is through your Hotel Details, also known as metadata. Metadata is the technical term for all the information related to your hotel. It’s the details that describe your assets and show the traveller what you have on offer: check-in policies, parking, Wi-Fi, etc.

Leading travellers to your hotel

Hotel Details became growingly significant with the evolution of hotel metasearch engines. In a time where choice is an important factor for customers, these sites enable users to search vast inventories of hotels, filtering and tailoring the results to find the hotel whose attributes match their needs.

On trivago, we aim to simplify the search process so users can find their ideal hotel. We do this by linking the hotel metadata to an advanced filter system. When a traveller selects criteria in the filters (let’s say Wi-Fi), our engines “scan” the hotel database and present to the user tonly those hotels listing Wi-Fi. At this moment, it is important to display correct hotel information. Hotels that do not include this information in the system will not be displayed in the search results. In turn, they automatically lose the chance of being seen and being booked.

Don’t lose out on bookings

Hotel Details are a simple but integral part of your online performance. They’re neither fancy nor complicated; however, neglecting them can instantly lose you guests. By just ticking the hotel details within your profile, you can take full advantage of the search technology and increase your presence in the results.

So, the answer to the question “Which hotel details do you have to add to your profile on trivago?” is a simple one: every single hotel detail that applies.

Anastasios Kyrtsis

Anastasios is the Industry Manager for Greece and Cyprus at trivago. His industry expertise is invaluable, supported by his background in marketing and education. His predilection for exploring possibilities in data and business innovation is alive and well at trivago too. Committed to testing new online hotel marketing techniques and processes, he’s constantly breaking barriers to improve the online experience for hotel managers.

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