Photo collage of best hotel amenities for different traveler types

The Best Hotel Amenities to Attract Every Type of Traveler

What are the best hotel amenities to offer your guests? The answer will depend entirely on who your guests are. Because apart from room quality and cleanliness, which are absolute musts for all types of travelers, guest expectations and needs can vary greatly. To meet them, you’ll need to identify the traveler types you’re attracting. […]

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A luxury suite at La Scaletta

A Hotelier Shares Her Experience Using trivago Hotel Manager PRO

We’ve published many articles here about technology for hotels, from hotel tech trends pieces to guides on hotel technology best practices. And while we’re always happy to share our knowledge, we believe it’s important that hoteliers have the chance to hear and learn from one another, too. These peer-to-peer insights can be especially invaluable when […]

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Travelers relaxing in a hotel on vacation

The Appeal of a Package Deal: Hotels Drive Up Room Value with Special Offers

Offer guests something special along with your hotel room. That’s the message coming through loud and clear in an article published on Tnooz last month, which examined Expedia Group’s recent study on the consumer appeal and profitability of package sales. Hotel guests who purchase packages spend more on their rooms, book further in advance, and […]

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6 Questions Hoteliers Ask about trivago Hotel Manager PRO

The hotel guest’s customer journey has moved online, and with it, a hotel’s booking opportunities — prompting hoteliers around the world to race to secure a competitive edge for their properties online. To help hoteliers triumph in this challenge on trivago, our developers built trivago Hotel Manager PRO. With PRO, hoteliers get instant access to the data they […]

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A graphic depicting a trivago hotel profile being lifted by a Special Offer tag

Hotels Can Publish Special Offers to Attract Travelers on trivago

Use this update to give travelers excellent reasons to book your hotel. Here's how.

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a set of sightseeing binoculars looks over a landscape of hotel rates

Rate Insights: the Shortcut to a Smart Pricing Strategy

Savvy hoteliers know how to set competitive rates. They know what prices will beat their competitors’ and be the most attractive to travellers shopping around—and still be high enough to increase their revenue. How do they know what rates to set? By spying on the competition, of course. Keep tabs on the competition—they’re keeping tabs […]

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3 Types of Data Every Hotelier Needs to Access

It seems like no matter where we turn our attention, the terms “big data” and “analytics” are everywhere, hitting the headlines and popping up in conversation. But, they’re not just buzzwords anymore. People from all sorts of industries are praising the benefits of using these prized bundles of information to make decisions for their businesses, […]

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A Hamburg city scene, the location of the first 25hours hotel

A Hotelier’s Road to Success with trivago Hotel Manager PRO

Nowadays, the choices available for travelers to book a hotel online are endless. However, we at trivago believe that the ideal way to offer our travelers the best hotel deals is by working closely with you, the hotelier. After all, you know perfectly well what your hotel has to offer. That’s why we want your […]

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A bird’s eye view of a women in a large sun hat lounging in the shallow end of a pool

5 Loyalty Program Trends Hoteliers Need to Adopt

Hotel loyalty and rewards programs are no longer relegated to travel’s golden age. These programs are experiencing a renaissance and travellers are taking note. To help you update your program, I’m going to walk you through the loyalty trends that hoteliers need to adopt to stay competitive. Trend 1 – Expanding loyalty programs with diverse […]

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Different types of travellers searching for the ideal hotel on various mobile devices

The Key to Growing Your Business Is Knowing Your Guests

Know your guests How well do you know your guests? What about the travelers who could potentially become your guests? To optimise your hotel profile so it gets more visitors and drives more bookings, you need to know your audience—where they come from, why they’re traveling, how many nights they typically book. Because in the […]

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