On January 30 and 31, we hosted webinars for independent hoteliers looking into the technology that brings in more bookings.

In the near future, the number of online bookings will likely overtake the number of offline bookings. If hoteliers don’t want to depend solely on online travel agencies to generate those online bookings for them, they need to start embracing certain technology solutions to be able to claim their share of the online booking pie.

But many hoteliers are overwhelmed with the technology options available on the market. Which technology is actually worth the investment? What should hoteliers look for when spending money on technology for their hotel? In this webinar, we walked hoteliers through the three stages of the traveler’s online journey and the accompanying technology solutions that are needed to capitalize on each of these stages.

Watch the video or read the summary below.

Be discovered

Metasearch websites, like trivago, are becoming more and more popular. One traveler out of two now starts their online booking journey on metasearch; in the US 85% of travelers turn to metasearch to find their ideal hotel. So you want travelers to discover your hotel online? Then you need the technology that empowers you to build a hotel profile on metasearch. Start by claiming and updating your trivago hotel profile through trivago Hotel Manager for free. Be sure to add high-quality images of various areas of your hotel and all your hotel details on your profile.

If you want to make sure your own rates are shown on trivago, start a Rate Connect campaign. This allows you to publish your own hotel rates on your profile, referring travelers straight to your website where they can complete the booking.

Be booked

To make sure you keep all the extranets of the OTAs you work with up to date, use a channel manager. This will improve your efficiency and allow you to easily keep track of your rates across various booking sites.

If you’re looking for a way to increase your direct bookings through your own website, a user-friendly Internet booking engine is an absolute necessity to have. Travelers prefer accommodations that allow them to book immediately and in just a few clicks. If your booking engine is not compelling travelers to complete the booking process, then you’re loosing out on bookings.

Be remembered

When the guests arrive at your hotel, be sure you can fully focus on providing the best experience possible. To achieve this, use hotel management technology to streamline and automate your day-to-day operations. This saves you and your staff lot of time, which you can instead spend on providing exceptional service.

Adopting a property management system also saves you from having to ask your guests to fill out their personal data again during check-in by. A cloud-based system allows your staff members to take care of bookings, payments, invoicing, and other daily operational activities on any device, while a property management system that is connected to a channel manager and booking engine gives you control over your rates and availability as well as your daily operational tasks.

Easily manage your hotel with Base7booking’s all-in-one hotel management software, which integrates all functions into one easy-to-use program and allows you to leave the pen and paper behind. The result? More time for you, and less chance of error.

Would you like to know more about how trivago can help you win more direct bookings?

Hook travelers in the early stages of their online journey, compel them to book directly with your hotel in the final stages, and offer them a seamless user experience from start to finishIn the webinars taking place on February 22 and 23, we’ll look more closely at hotel website UX (user experience), booking engines, connectivity, and how they all work together to maximize direct bookings via trivago.



Lenka Trckova

Lenka is a member of trivago’s Industry Management team for English-speaking markets. She grew up in a family of entrepreneurs and studied marketing communication and business management in the Czech Republic. She joined trivago to pursue her passion for the hospitality industry and is focused on supporting hoteliers to reach their online potential through marketing and technology.

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