More than half of individual hoteliers (62%) see increasing bookings as their top business priority according to trivago’s 2015 Hotelier Survey. As a hotelier, this may seem fairly obvious, but your time is limited. Hotel managers are often pulled in many directions with guests and staff to tend to. With only a couple of hours a week on average to dedicate to marketing tasks, unwavering focus is essential.

Ask yourself on which marketing channels do you need to optimise your performance to get the most out of your time?

By building a unique hotel profile on trivago, the world’s largest hotel metasearch, you have the potential to expose your hotel to over 120 million monthly users. Many of these travellers use our search filters to find their ideal hotel (i.e. Wifi, Pets, Price, etc). Not only is this quick and easy to set up; it’s free.

By editing your profile to correspond to the applicable filters, you help the trivago audience find and choose their perfect hotel. Your property.

Hotel owners match their accommodations on trivago Hotel Manager (tHM) to the specific needs of their travellers. Be it a hotel with swimming pools and slides attracting families with kids, or conference rooms attracting business travellers: Such important details should appear prominently on your profile.

5 Insider tips to rank higher on trivago

To help you redirect more travellers from our website and into your hotel, we’ve compiled 5 insider tips:

1. Register to create your hotel profile on trivago Hotel Manager

Take the opportunity to gain a competitive advantage and start metasearch marketing with trivago. Reach higher visibility; increase your brand awareness; and connect with travellers from over 55 countries.

2. Add unique hotel information and be found by potential guests who filter by hotel category and specific amenities

Present your business in as much detail as possible. Include Room Info, Amenities, Facilities and Services, so that travellers using trivago’s advanced filtering system can find you. Neglecting to select a feature could be the make-it-or-break-it of a click-thru or direct booking.

3. Include an engaging hotel description to make your hotel more appealing to potential guests. Travellers want to know everything about your services in the most objective way

You might already know that your guests are coming primarily from countries X, Y and Z. Add descriptions of your property in these languages or choose from multiple languages available on the platform (currently 55) to ensure your listing is accessible to a wider audience.

4. Add at least 20 high quality images of your hotel (at least 2,000 pixels wide) to make a great first impression

Photos can help you tell a compelling visual story of your hotel and make travellers want to book your property. Think like the traveler in this case. When searching for a place to stay, would a hotel profile with no or low-quality images be enticing to you? Probably not. Leonardo data shows that 86% of visitors consume more than 10 images when they visit their media gallery, proving that travel shoppers crave images.

5. Monitor your performance to see how effective your content is at drawing in travellers

The KPI dashboard on the tHM helps you track how many times your profile is viewed or review the conversion between clicks and bookings. It is a helpful indicator of how effective your content currently is.

Don’t wait for luck to happen

Professional images, engaging descriptions and accurate hotel information are key in influencing the visibility of your hotel and boosting your hotel business. Start building your unique hotel profile to make the trivago users choose your property now.


Angelika Quadt

Angelika is trivago’s Global Hotel PR Specialist and no stranger to worldwide travel and culture either. Originally from Poland, she’s spent almost a decade working in Asia and now calls Germany home. Previously at work with Jetstar Asia, Singapore Tourism Board and Club Med Germany, Angelika learned submerged herself in hotel marketing best practices. Not to mention online reputation management. Now she’s determined to help you decipher the global traveller and use e-marketing tips successfully to attract them.

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