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Scoring just got easier, with trivago’s Profile Completion Score.

To be more specific, scoring guests’ attention on trivago just got easier.

It also got more intuitive and less time consuming, because you as the hotelier have more important things to do than figure out all the myriad, nuanced ways in which you can improve your performance on metasearch.

We know that the more complete a hotel profile is, the better it does on trivago. But what might not be so clear is how to build a complete profile, or how to even tell whether your profile is complete or missing something, or how to know if there’s something there that doesn’t show your hotel in its best light.

If you’re looking for guidance, for a way to invest less time and thought into your profile while still ensuring that you’re getting the most from it—the most impressions, the most clicks, the most traffic, here it is:

Introducing the Profile Completion Score

This new feature now comes standard on your Hotel Manager account and gives your hotel profile a score from 0 to 100 percent based on how complete it is.

There’s more: once the Profile Completion Score has analyzed your profile to identify what’s missing, outdated, or poor quality, you’ll receive individualized Profile Completion tips right on your screen. If you haven’t added enough images, a tip will tell you. If you’ve missed an amenity to be checked off, another tip will bring it to your attention. And if you haven’t updated your content in a while, you’ll receive a tip reminding you that it’s time to do so.

The more tips you follow (and some are as simple as a single click of the mouse), the higher you score and the more you succeed on trivago.

The Profile Completion Score with a score of 90% complete

Full profiles do better

Five times better, in fact; complete profiles receive 500 percent more clicks than empty ones. They also appear higher up in trivago search results, ensuring greater visibility and attention. With every tip you follow, your Profile Completion Score increases and more importantly, your hotel profile becomes fuller and ranks higher.

The Score examines all three areas of your profile—Hotel Information, Reputation, and Rates—rendering a well-rounded profile that covers every element important to travelers in search of a hotel.

Time is money. Money is also money

There are many steps between an empty profile and a full, fully-optimised one. Those steps can take quite a bit of time—along with legwork and often guesswork—as does constantly and painstakingly going through an existing profile in trying to keep it complete, polished, and up to date.

The  Score and tips give you an easier, faster, and undoubtedly more surefire way to build and maintain a complete profile that stands out to the 120 million users looking for hotels on trivago every month.

And it’s free, because while marketing your hotel can be expensive, we believe that managing your profile shouldn’t be.

Log in to Hotel Manager or register for free  to start scoring big today.


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