You need to be competitive online if you want to drive more guests to your hotel—now more than ever, as the market becomes increasingly diversified and crowded. That’s why today’s hoteliers are focused on gaining greater visibility online while expanding and deepening their market knowledge. It’s how they can boost their businesses and beat the competition. trivago Hotel Manager PRO is the key to both. Hoteliers who’ve made the upgrade to this premium metasearch marketing platform know this, which is why they’ve got a competitive edge on trivago. We call it “the PRO effect”: 300% more clicks on the hotel website; 21% more clicks on the hotel profile; 17% more bookings.*

The trick to achieving these numbers lies in taking full advantage of the four features exclusive to PRO:

  • The Visitors’ Profile shows you what types of travelers are looking at your profile. You’ll know what countries they’re from, how long their average hotel stays are, and whether they travel for business or pleasure. The better you know your global audience, the more accurately you can target them. And guess what—you can see the Visitors’ Profiles of your main competitors, too.
  • Rate Insights is the comprehensive rate shopper that lets you monitor your competitors’ prices across multiple OTAs, forecast attractive rates months in advance, and keep track of the demand for hotels in your area. It makes setting competitive rates easy. And when your rates are competitive, so are you.
  • Special Offer gives you the chance to further differentiate your hotel in search results. Hook travelers with the eye-catching “Special Offer” button and then reel them in with details about exclusive deals. Stand out and inspire guests to book with you.
  • Contact Details prominently displayed on your hotel profile give travelers more ways to get in touch with you. Encourage them to connect with you directly to find out about your offerings and availability and to make their bookings.


To find out more about what the PRO effect can do for your business, you can request a complimentary consultation with one of our Hotel Performance Analysts.

Ready to kick your hotel profile and metasearch marketing performance into high gear? Then you’re ready to go PRO.

*Compared to trivago Hotel Manager Basic profiles

Claude Paradis

Claude is the newest Product Marketer on the trivago Hotel Relations team, having previously worked in Country Development and Content for the company. She’s brought us her in-depth knowledge on what travelers look for when searching for hotels on trivago, along with her passion about the tourism and hospitality industries. Originally from Canada and with plenty of international work experience under her belt, Claude is now fully dedicated to helping hoteliers find their competitive edge on trivago and turn searchers into guests.

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