Having infinite choices is both a blessing and a curse in this consumerist age. Yes, it’s nice to have options. But for a traveler looking for the ideal hotel on a metasearch site, having an overwhelming number of virtually identical deals to choose from can be, well, overwhelming. Which is why the final decision can end up being an arbitrary one — unless the traveler sees something on a hotel profile that makes it their obvious choice. Something like a special offer from the hotel.

Perhaps you’ve noticed the little button with blue text on certain hotel profiles and wonder what it is. Perhaps you’re already using the feature to publish a special offer on your own profile. Either way, there’s something in this post for you, because I’m going to give you a few insider tips on how to harness the power of the little blue button for your hotel business.

And it really is a powerful feature. It improves a hotel’s visibility and even drives direct traffic when used wisely. That is, when the content of the Special Offer is tailored to speak to the traveler’s interests. So let’s take a look at different types of travelers and what sort of Hotel News will attract them most.

The international traveler

Thanks to globalization, cheap international travel, and of course, the Internet, the world is shrinking. People are now not only traveling more than ever; they’re also traveling farther from their homes than ever. The thing is, just because someone has the time and means to travel the world doesn’t mean they have the time, means, and ability to master every language.

Have your Hotel News professionally translated into as many languages as possible, starting with those that most of your guests speak (hint: the Visitors’ Profile will let you know who your guests are, how and why they travel, and what countries they’re from). And not just translated, but localized. For example, if you’ve noticed that every year guests from a certain country flock to your city for a local festival, make sure to talk about that festival in the Hotel News that appears for that country.

Need another reason to have your Special Offer translated? It will only appear on other countries’ trivago sites if you provide translations in those languages. So the more languages you have a Special Offer in, the more places around the world it will be visible, and the more international guests will see it.

The sweet-deal-hunter traveler

This category covers most—of not all—travellers. Because who doesn’t appreciate a sweet deal? Think about it: you’re prepared to spend your money on a nice hotel room, and then you see that along with the room you also get a complimentary bottle of wine. Or a discount on spa treatments. Or even a free upgrade to a room with a balcony and spectacular view. Think about how eager you’d be to book that room, just so you can enjoy the additional perks that come with it.

The other thing about targeting the sweet-deal-hunter traveler with your Hotel News is this: it’s a great way to drive more direct bookings. You can let travelers know that the perks come when they book directly with you—and since your phone number and email address are displayed with your news, guests will know how to get in touch with you to complete their booking. And direct bookings are always a sweet deal for you.

The weekend-getaway, leisure, and tourist traveler

I’ve grouped a few types of travelers into one here, because we’ve seen a lot of common interests among them. These guests want to relax, to get away from it all, to explore a new place and to just have a nice time. To target them, consider partnering with other tourism-related businesses in the area so that you can offer vouchers or discounts in your Hotel News. Try amusement parks, zoos, spa facilities, theatres, restaurants, museums, and places that offer nature activities, such as hiking and fishing.

Are you in the middle of nowhere? Somewhere small town or rural? No problem—you can offer to personally take your guests on a private tour of the area, or organize other local activities for them. It’ll make your Hotel News even more unique and personal, and show your potential guests that you’re an exceptional host.

The business traveler

While this type of traveler might not have time to enjoy additional perks of your hotel or everything your locale has to offer, they’ll definitely appreciate other benefits. Maybe you can offer them round-the-clock access to a business center where they can print for free, or 24-hour room service for those late-night meetings and presentation preparations.

Publishing Hotel News is a way for you to show business travelers that your hotel can help ease the strain of their demanding jobs and hectic schedules. And by making their hotel booking decision easier, you’re already making their lives a bit easier.

Be creative and mix it up

Just because we’ve looked at these types of travelers separately doesn’t mean you have to choose only one to target with your Hotel News. There’s going to be a lot of overlap—for example, have you noticed that most of your guests from Japan are traveling on business? Or that your weekend getaway guests are often looking for added perks with their hotel stay? Use your findings to further customize your hotel news for maximum impact.

Feel free to play around with your Hotel News, get creative, mix up your content, try different approaches, and see what works. After all, it’s “news” so it should always be relatively new. That’s why whatever you publish will automatically expire after 90 days. In many ways, your Hotel News (and your entire hotel profile) is like the store window display for your hotel. It’s always a good idea to change it up regularly, to interest the people passing by (perusing hotel search results) and to attract a wide variety of guests.

The important thing is to always have Hotel News on your profile—it’s what will increase your visibility in trivago search results and help you stand out among a sea of competitors. It’ll also help solve the traveler’s dilemma of having to choose the ideal hotel from countless deals, and earn you more direct bookings in the process. So you’re simultaneously improving your guest experience and your business success when you have Hotel News.

Click here to find out how to get the exclusive Hotel News feature on your trivago profile, and let us know in the comments below what sort of news you’re publishing.

Claude Paradis

Claude is the newest Product Marketer on the trivago Hotel Relations team, having previously worked in Country Development and Content for the company. She’s brought us her in-depth knowledge on what travelers look for when searching for hotels on trivago, along with her passion about the tourism and hospitality industries. Originally from Canada and with plenty of international work experience under her belt, Claude is now fully dedicated to helping hoteliers find their competitive edge on trivago and turn searchers into guests.

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