Last November we announced the winners of the trivago Awards 2017. These awards are our chance to recognize the country’s top ten hotels in each of the categories most important to American travelers:

  • Alternative Accommodations
  • 3-Star Hotels
  • 4-Star Hotels
  • 5-Star Hotels


However, the trivago Awards 2017 aren’t quite over yet….

We’re excited to announce the 10 winners in an additional category for the American hospitality industry: Best Value for Money.

Today we recognize the hotels in the United States providing the highest perceived-value in their guest experience—without compromising profitability. Guests want to feel that their stay is worth the money they’re spending on it, whatever the type of accommodation. And as travelers become more demanding and accommodation options more numerous, it’s becoming ever more challenging for hotels to delight their guests without breaking the bank.

But the 10 American hotels that are receiving trivago Awards in the category of Best Value for Money are doing just that, and doing it exceedingly well.

Top 10 Hotels with the Best Value for Money

A map of the US with a point for each award-winning hotel

This year, American travelers have deemed the Hampton Inn & Suites Denison as the hotel with the Best Value for Money in the United States.

Guests of the Hampton Inn & Suites Denison rave about how clean the hotel and its room are. They gush over the tasty breakfast, cooked fresh every morning. And because value for money is all about the details and perks that refine the guest experience, there’s always freshly brewed coffee available. Whether early birds or night owls, guests love that they can enjoy their java whenever they want it.

Something else that greatly impacts the customer-perceived value of a hotel stay is the staff, and the Hampton Inn & Suites Denison has a superb one. Their warm and welcoming approach to service makes guests feel right at home, earning them the highest appreciation and praise.

Would you like to see your property top next year’s list of the 10 Hotels with the Best Value for Money? A great place to start is by perfecting what you already offer. It’s often the little details that can make all the difference to your guests—for better or worse. Read real guest reviews about the Hampton Inn & Suites Denison to discover what details you could easily offer, but might not have considered.

Here’s a look at all the top-10 picks for the trivago Awards 2017 in the category of Best Value for Money in the United States.

Ranking Hotel Name City State
1 Hampton Inn & Suites Denison Denison Texas
2 Branson’s Yellow Rose Inn & Suites Branson Missouri
3 The Reynolds Mansion Asheville North Carolina
4 Phineas Swann Bed & Breakfast Montgomery Center Vermont
5 Chocolate Turtle Corrales New Mexico
6 Inn On Randolph B&B Napa California
7 Clarion Inn Dollywood Area Pigeon Forge Tennessee
8 Drury Inn & Suites Orlando Orlando Flordia
9 Sleep Inn & Suites Idaho Falls Idaho Falls Idaho
10 Hartzell House Addison Pennsylvania


Congratulations to all the winners of this year’s trivago Awards! It was a lot of hard work and dedication, but it paid off in the end. You delivered exceptional experiences, and your guests took notice.

How were hotels selected for the trivago Awards 2017?

The same way we aggregate prices from all over the web: We collect the hotel reviews and ratings left by travelers on different booking and valuation sites and combine them into scores, making it easy for the traveler to compare them across varied aspects. These scores are all available on our website; we’ve simply compiled them per their ranking, and the hotel with the highest score is at the top of the list and the award winner.

All hotels that display prices on trivago can be considered for the Awards. To ensure that all ranked hotels achieved a high level of performance consistently throughout the past year, a minimum number of 20 reviews was a requisite for eligibility in the score ranking.

The result: A comprehensive list of the cream of the crop in American hospitality, and prestige and recognition for the hardworking hoteliers behind the winning hotels.

If you’re a traveler who wants to find more inspiring stories and details about these hotels, click here:


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