The latest trivago webinar focused on how quality online content impacts your hotel’s performance. The 30-minute presentation discussed a lot of useful trends and best practices that hoteliers can use to improve their online content. These tips are useful for improving all online content, but of course, we also shared additional tips for how to put this information to use on the trivago Hotel Manager platform to boost your hotel’s bookings. Read on for a recap of the webinar and the Q&A with participating hoteliers.

What is metasearch?

Right off the bat, we took a moment to learn what exactly is this metasearch thing people are all talking about. In short, metasearch is a quick way to aggregate content from various sources across the Internet and present it all in one place. Because metasearch saves travelers lots of time and money, metasearch is used by 1 out of 2 travelers to find their ideal hotel.

The process of using metasearch as a traveler is quite simple: Just go to and type the name of a destination you want to visit. Then apply some filters to find the ideal hotel based on price, location, star-category, amenities, and other information. You can also simply search for a specific hotel. Why don’t you take a moment to go to right now and search for your own hotel?

Now that you have found your own hotel on trivago, lets take a moment to learn more about the benefits of being promoted to our 1.4 billion annual visitors.

trivago: a leading global hotel metasearch

As a hotel metasearch used by millions of travelers, trivago offers you a huge opportunity to drive more bookings to your hotel. We work with 1.3 million hotels, more than 200 booking sites, receive 1.4 billion visits per year to our website, and have localized the trivago search experience into 33 languages. We relentlessly test the entire user experience on trivago to ensure we are meeting our mission, “to be the traveler’s first and independent source of information for finding the ideal hotel at the best rate.”

What is online content?

Content relates to all of the written content, images, and other hotel details that appear on your hotel’s trivago profile. That is to say, when you searched for your hotel earlier on, all of the information you found about your hotel is the content. In the webinar, we discussed three basic areas of content you are empowered to optimize:

Written content

Written content: Description – your hotel’s description. This information should be as detailed and unique as possible, while also being concise. Identifying your location and nearby points of interest is important in your description. If you receive international guests, you should also have this information professionally translated. 79% of clicks go to profiles that have a description.

Written content: Hotel News – the latest updates from your hotel about new facilities, local news, or perhaps a listing of special deals you can offer to encourage travelers to book at your hotel. Exclusive hotel news is a great way to set yourself apart from competitors. Featuring Hotel News is a benefit of trivago Hotel Manager PRO.


Images: Quantity – According to the Social Science Research Network, 65% of people learn by observation. That is to say, people are visual learners. Therefore, having photos of your hotel displayed on your trivago profile is critical to boosting your bookings. We recommend uploading at least 20 images featuring a variety of your hotel’s amenities. Be sure to swap out photos to adjust for seasonality as well (the outdoor pool picture might not be so attractive to travelers in December, for example).

Images: Quality – The higher quality your photos are, the better. Make sure the photos’ composition is tidy and uncluttered. The angle should be focused and engaging. Lighting needs to be natural and absent of shadows or blinding light. For all photos that you use in online content, upload a minimum width of 2000px. Profiles with high-quality photos receive 63% more clicks than profiles with low-quality or no photos.

Images: Main image – Your main image is the first point of contact between the traveler and your hotel. Be sure to put your best representation as your main image. 86% of clicks go to profiles with a high-quality main image.

Hotel Details

Hotel details – Room information, amenities, and services comprise your hotel details. Your hotel details are also what travelers are able to filter by in order to find their ideal hotel. It’s important that this information is accurate so that when your guest arrives, their expectations are met. You also don’t want to loose out on bookings because travelers are searching for in-room Wi-Fi and your hotel profile didn’t have that box checked. Check the accuracy of your hotel details today by creating a free trivago Hotel Manager account.

An infographic depicting the benefits of quality online content on trivagoTake action

With the trivago Hotel Manager platform, you get access to all of your details and much more. You can create an account for free and get started today optimizing your description, ensuring your details are accurate, and boosting the bookings that you receive.

Here are a few important facts to keep in mind about trivago Hotel Manager.

  • There are already over 250,000 hoteliers using trivago Hotel Manager
  • Hoteliers who register their hotels on trivago Hotel Manager receive up to 5 times more clicks on their profiles
  • Registered hotels with top-ranked profiles enjoy 35% of their bookings through trivago

Q&A with the hoteliers 

We had some great questions come up at the end of the webinar. Here is a review of the Q&A.

How do I display my direct rates on trivago search results with the “View Deal” button?
The starting point for using any of trivago’s tools to boost your hotel’s bookings is the trivago Hotel Manager platform. Once you have optimized your profile details and images in your profile, you will be set to consider taking advantage of the pricing data insights provided by PRO, and displaying your direct rates right on your profile by using Direct Connect. To learn more about Direct Connect, read 12 Tips to Get Direct Bookings with Direct Connect.

How long does it take for information like written content, images, and prices to get updated on trivago?
Though the initial registration and claiming of a property on trivago Hotel Manager only takes a few minutes, it can take up to a week for your account to be verified. During that time, you can still make changes to your details and images, but those changes will not be publically viewable until after your account is verified. After that point, any future changes you make can take up to 24 hours to go live while our quality assurance team reviews the changes for approval. To learn more about the process of adding information to your hotel’s profile on trivago, please read How to Add Your Hotel to the World’s Largest Hotel Metasearch.

If the updates I make to my hotel profile are not approved, how can I reassess my information and resubmit it successfully?
Updates to your profile might be rejected if the quality does not meet a professional standard. For example, images which have a low resolution, or translated descriptions using Google Translate, could be rejected. You will be notified by email of any rejected changes to your profile and an explanation will be provided. If you have further questions, simply reply to that email. To learn more about creating quality visual content, please read 5 Tips for Hotel Photos that Sell.

How do I achieve a 100% Profile Completion Score if my hotel does not offer everything I am being asked to provide information about?
It is possible that you might not achieve a 100% Profile Completion Score despite having completed as many details as possible. The main reason for this is if there are detail areas which can not be completed because they do not relate to your hotel. In these instances, don’t worry! The Profile Completion Score is for your eyes only and is intended to help you build as unique and optimized of a profile as possible. For more information about the Profile Completion Score, please read Score Big on trivago.

What are “impressions?”
“Impressions” simply refers to the number of views that your hotel profile has received on trivago. When a traveler searches for hotels and yours is one in the list of hotels which they are shown, this is an impression. If they click the “View Deal” button to be redirected to a booking site, this is  a “click.” To learn more about improving your performance on trivago, please read Rank Higher on trivago: A How-To Guide for Hoteliers.

Thank you

Thank you to everyone who participated in the trivago Online Content Webinar! For information and updates about all things related to trivago, including invitations about future webinars, please follow us on Twitter at @trivagoHM_usa.


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