EyeforTravel North America 2016 (formerly TDS N. America), starts tomorrow in Palms Las Vegas and trivago will join in as part of a panel discussion. Featuring over 450 senior travel executives and innovators, the event will focus on the theme “Compete Like a Digitally Born Travel Brand” and aims to help attendees navigate the increasingly complex travel landscape, as well as shed light on future growth potentials.

Focus on customer experience

The hospitality, travel, and transportation industries are in the middle of a massive digital disruption and the rules they have come to live by are being drastically re-written. The battle for the travel consumer is no longer waged just with the product, but is now fought through the exceptional customer experience provided by companies at every touchpoint. Investing in going mobile, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, data, and social technology, along with developing cutting-edge strategies that capitalize on them, is crucial for hoteliers and anyone in the industry to compete in this changing, digitalizing arena.

What’s on the agenda?

During this year’s event, particular attention will be paid to the following topics:

Customer Experience – The importance of innovative loyalty strategies as well as how to leverage social media as an exceptional customer service tool and shape positive conversations about your brand.

Mobile & Marketing  Earned vs. paid media: As the lines between the two become increasingly blurred, how do you develop a strategy that integrates the two and ensures you are reaching the right customers on the right channels?

Distribution & Revenue Management – How to increase profitability through metasearch and omnichannels, and how to change customers’ perceptions of ancillaries so that they are actively seeing them as part of their travel experience.

Analytics & Personalization – How to capitalize on real-time data to personalize communications and win customers.

The evolving role of metasearch

These are hot topics, and we’re excited to be a part of the discussion. Joining other innovators at the event is trivago’s Daniel Holl, Global Hotel Sales.

Daniel will speak in a panel discussion titled “The Evolving Role of Metasearch and the Impact on Your Travel Brand” on Thursday, along with Shane Corstorphine, GM Americas at Skyscanner; and Travis Katz, Founder & CEO of Gogobot.

During the panel the speakers will focus on:

  • Exploring the changing role of metasearch and how it will impact both suppliers and OTAs
  • Discussing how to optimize metasearch to drive direct bookings
  • Talking about “Breadth vs. Speed vs. Accuracy.” In particular, how can metasearch sites better manage these components and use real-time data to ensure information displayed to the consumer is accurate and timely

The participants hail from a wide range of globally renowned companies including Google, Morgans Hotel Group, Twitter, Egencia, Hyatt Hotels, Starwood Hotels & Resorts, Wyndham Destination Network, and more.

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Andrea Ricciarelli

Andrea is in charge of Global B2B PR and coordinates national communication activities to support the Industry Management team at trivago. Originally from Tuscany, he spent time working in Spain before relocating to Germany to further his career path. He previously designed and managed international and Pan-European communication campaigns and events for diverse clients. Now he's committed to empowering hotel managers to perform better online.

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