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Glossary: Hotel Technology and the Online Distribution Landscape

The need-to-know key players and core technologies that are helping hotels compete online.

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A hotel guest drinks coffee while sitting on a couch in a hotel lobby

Good News for Hotels: The Direct Booking Journey Moves to Meta

In a digital age in which OTAs have consistently had the upper hand, metasearch is proving to be the great equalizer: leveling the battlefield in the booking wars and enabling hotels to re-stake their claims in the distribution landscape. What’s giving metasearch its clout? The answer is twofold. On one hand, there’s the “meteoric growth […]

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A hotelier’s laptop is open on a desk with a modern lamp and a green plant

Hotel Technology: 4 Trends That Are Here for the Long Haul

These trends promise to stick around. Find out what they are and what they mean for your hotel.

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How a Hotel’s Online Reputation Impacts Its Revenue

Hotel guests are leaving reviews and ratings online about every aspect of their experience, from breakfast to beds to staff. They’re even going so far as to post videos and photos before checking out. And all that content is influencing fellow travelers. When hoteliers understand why travelers rely on reviews and the importance of reputation […]

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An infographic that illustrates how trivago provides hoteliers access with over 5 billion room rates and a way to compare them on a single dashboard with Rate Insights

trivago Now Gives Hoteliers Access to Over 5 Billion Room Rates

Read up on the new Rate Insights: more data on rates for a more competitive pricing strategy.

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Johannes Thomas of trivago and Douglas Quinby of Phocuswright on stage discussing hotel metasearch

Johannes Thomas Talks Metasearch with Phocuswright

“Booking on metasearch: What’s going on?” trivago’s managing director gives the company’s stance.

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Hoteliers attending trivago's webinar on metasearch marketing

How Hotels Benefit from Metasearch Marketing: Webinar Highlights

Metasearch marketing is a powerful tool for hoteliers to boost bookings. Read the highlights from the recent trivago metasearch marketing webinar here.

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A hotelier sitting in front of her desk wondering what questions to ask about trivago Hotel Manager and her account

8 Questions Hoteliers Ask about trivago Hotel Manager

What is trivago Hotel Manager? We’re so glad you asked. Read the answer to this question and more.

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The new trivago Hotel Manager dashboard open on a laptop screen, with simple but impactful metasearch performance tracking metrics

The New Dashboard: Simple Data, Impactful Performance Tracking

The hospitality industry is a competitive and constantly evolving arena. We know this, and so we work hard to support and empower hoteliers in their battle for bookings. As a leading global hotel metasearch, trivago is becoming increasingly important to hotels of all sizes and categories as they strive to compete online. Why? Because travelers […]

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A Hamburg city scene, the location of the first 25hours hotel

A Hotelier’s Road to Success with trivago Hotel Manager PRO

Nowadays, the choices available for travelers to book a hotel online are endless. However, we at trivago believe that the ideal way to offer our travelers the best hotel deals is by working closely with you, the hotelier. After all, you know perfectly well what your hotel has to offer. That’s why we want your […]

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