Business people booking hotels for a business trip

12 Tips to Get Direct Bookings With Rate Connect

Are you running a Rate Connect campaign through trivago Hotel Manager? Are you investing money every month in the advanced feature so that you can promote your website rate on your hotel profile? And are you seeing your budget dwindle as the number of clicks you get increases? Are you also not receiving any direct […]

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A tower viewer looks out onto a cityscape with different booking site rates hovering over hotels

Rate Insights: the Shortcut to a Smart Pricing Strategy

Savvy hoteliers know how to set competitive rates. They know what prices will beat their competitors’ and be the most attractive to travelers shopping around—and still be high enough to increase their revenue. How do they know what rates to set? By spying on the competition, of course. Keep tabs on the competition—they’re keeping tabs […]

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Publish Your Website Rates and Drive Direct Bookings with Rate Connect

The way travelers search for and book hotels is changing, with industry data indicating a continued increase in online bookings compared to offline. If hoteliers want to stay in the game and not miss out on a growing number of bookings, they’ll have to keep up with this trend and get online themselves. But it’s […]

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A hotel event space laid out for a wedding

3 Ways Your Online Reputation Is Costing You Event Bookings

Learn how your online reputation impacts your ability to capture event bookings, and your hotel's overall guest experience.

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Big data and analytics: important for hotels, illustrated by graphs and charts

3 Types of Data Every Hotelier Needs to Access

Data: what you need for a competitive business strategy. Here’s where to get it.

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An example of a hotel website that drives bookings

5 Hotel Websites Inspiring Guests to Book

The majority of hotels are losing out on a lot of business for one very simple reason: their hotel website is poorly designed. It isn’t optimized. It isn’t converting interested travelers into confirmed guests. From small bed and breakfasts to swanky boutique chains, few seem to have really mastered the art of intuitive hotel websites—which is […]

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The new trivago Hotel Manager dashboard open on a laptop screen, with simple but impactful metasearch performance tracking metrics

The New Dashboard: Simple Data, Impactful Performance Tracking

The hospitality industry is a competitive and constantly evolving arena. We know this, and so we work hard to support and empower hoteliers in their battle for bookings. As a leading global hotel metasearch, trivago is becoming increasingly important to hotels of all sizes and categories as they strive to compete online. Why? Because travelers […]

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A hotelier uses the best hotel email campaigns ideas to draft his first email

Hotel Email Campaigns Every Hotelier Should Be Sending

Marketing research shows that people overwhelmingly prefer email to other forms of communication—72%, in fact. This means that most people are most receptive to, and most likely to engage with, messages sent via email. Which makes email marketing an exceptional way for you to communicate directly with and market directly to potential and existing guests. […]

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A Hamburg city scene, the location of the first 25hours hotel

A Hotelier’s Road to Success with trivago Hotel Manager PRO

Nowadays, the choices available for travelers to book a hotel online are endless. However, we at trivago believe that the ideal way to offer our travelers the best hotel deals is by working closely with you, the hotelier. After all, you know perfectly well what your hotel has to offer. That’s why we want your […]

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Screenshot of a user showing Instagram Stories

How to Use Instagram Stories to Market Your Hotel

Instagram Stories, a new feature that lets users post a series of photos and videos that play as a slideshow and disappear after 24 hours, has revolutionized online marketing for all brands—hotels included. Virginia Contreras, creator of the blog, walks hoteliers through the 10 steps of establishing an effective Instagram Stories strategy that keeps […]

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