A hotelier’s laptop is open on a desk with a modern lamp and a green plant

Hotel Technology: 4 Trends That Are Here for the Long Haul

These trends promise to stick around. Find out what they are and what they mean for your hotel.

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A young traveler gazes out on a city scape

5 Hotel Trends That Are Transforming the Guest Experience

Discover the 5 hotel trends that are having the biggest impact on the guest experience this year.

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An infographic that illustrates how trivago provides hoteliers access with over 5 billion room rates and a way to compare them on a single dashboard with Rate Insights

trivago Now Gives Hoteliers Access to Over 5 Billion Room Rates

Read up on the new Rate Insights: more data on rates for a more competitive pricing strategy.

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A graphic of a hotel, technology, and clouds illustrates the question: What is a cloud-based system?

Why Are Hoteliers Taking Their Properties to the Cloud?

Every day more hoteliers switch to a cloud-based property management system. It’s easy to see why.

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An infographic of a glossary of marketing terms for hoteliers

Glossary: Hotel Industry and Metasearch Marketing Explained

In today’s digital world, hotel marketing is more complex than ever before. New avenues for marketing a property online are opening and quickly becoming mainstream, and tools such as metasearch are now at the forefront of channels empowering hotels to compete online. With new advertising methods come new terminologies, new phrases, and a whole bunch […]

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trivago Managing Director Johannes Thomas onstage with Skift giving an interview on the status of, and how hoteliers can increase, direct bookings

trivago’s Johannes Thomas on the Status of Direct Bookings

trivago’s take on the status of direct bookings and why you won’t see a "book on trivago" feature.

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Mirai CEO Pablo Delgado poses in front of his company's logo

CEO of Connectivity Provider Mirai on trivago Express Booking

Ayre Hotels is the first Spanish hotel chain being launched with trivago Express Booking, thanks to technology provided by Mirai, a hotel technology company dedicated to supporting hotels in optimizing their distribution for greater revenue and a better user experience.  We recently spoke with Mirai CEO Pablo Delgado to get his take on hotel technology […]

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Johannes Thomas of trivago and Douglas Quinby of Phocuswright on stage discussing hotel metasearch

Johannes Thomas Talks Metasearch with Phocuswright

“Booking on metasearch: What’s going on?” trivago’s managing director gives the company’s stance.

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Hoteliers Are Missing Out on Bookings by Not Embracing Technology—Here’s How

Free Webinar: Hoteliers Are Missing Out on Bookings by Not Embracing Technology

After the success of our first webinar with Tnooz, we’re teaming up again to present a second exclusive free trivago-Tnooz TLearn webinar for hoteliers: “Hoteliers Are Missing Out on Bookings by Not Embracing Technology—Here’s How.”  In this TLearn webinar you’ll learn: How hoteliers are missing out on bookings by not leveraging available technology Why hoteliers […]

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A hotelier sitting in front of her desk wondering what questions to ask about trivago Hotel Manager and her account

8 Questions Hoteliers Ask about trivago Hotel Manager

What is trivago Hotel Manager? We’re so glad you asked. Read the answer to this question and more.

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