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12 Tips to Get Direct Bookings With Rate Connect

Are you running a Rate Connect campaign through trivago Hotel Manager? Are you investing money every month in the advanced feature so that you can promote your website rate on your hotel profile? And are you seeing your budget dwindle as the number of clicks you get increases? Are you also not receiving any direct […]

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Screenshot of defining your competitors on trivago Hotel Manager

How to define your competitors in trivago Hotel Manager

With trivago Hotel Manager, hoteliers like you gain invaluable insights into the local competition. trivago’s metasearch marketing solution empowers you to make strategic pricing decisions by benchmarking your rates against those of your five main competitors. It goes one step further by letting you monitor fluctuations in their rates—as well as your own—over time. And […]

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Spotlight on Product

Big things are always happening with trivago Hotel Manager — updates, improvements, new features and services. We’re constantly working to provide you with better, simpler, and more effective means to market your hotel and manage your online presence on trivago and we want to keep you in the loop. Every month we’ll be posting here […]

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Score Big on trivago

Scoring just got easier, with trivago’s new Profile Completion Score To be more specific, scoring guests’ attention on trivago just got easier. It also got more intuitive and less time consuming, because you as the hotelier have more important things to do than figure out all the myriad, nuanced ways in which you can improve your […]

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how to add your hotel profile on trivago

How to Add Your Hotel to trivago

On trivago, your hotel profile is everything. It’s how travelers find your hotel, and find out about its offerings, what it looks like, what makes it unique. It’s how they know your hotel is the ideal one for them. But who controls your hotel profile? Who adds the hotel details, the high-quality images, the compelling […]

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Grow Your Hotel Business with Value-Based Marketing

Today’s travel industry is a rapidly changing environment. Travelers expect more and more from their hotel stay, while the information available to them online is becoming ever more abundant and accessible. It begs the questions: How can hoteliers stay competitive? How can they continue to increase their bookings? The answer to both: With value-based marketing […]

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