Nobody knows your hotel better than you, the hotel manager. From the variety of room types available to the amenities, and special offers, travelers want to hear it all – from you! The more detailed information you provide, the easier it is for trivago’s search to promote you to your ideal guests. But first thing’s first – you have to add your hotel to trivago in order to claim and edit the content on your hotel profile.

Can I add my hotel on trivago Hotel Manager?

Busy hoteliers like yourself are looking to improve their performance on trivago, the world’s largest hotel metasearch. Now, you can take advantage of our free and easy solution: trivago Hotel Manager.  In just a few minutes you can register your property and begin to customize your hotel profile, boost your profile ranking, and increase bookings.

Connect with millions of visitors

trivago is now the leading hotel metasearch. This is why millions of travelers turn to us when looking for a hotel. With over 4 million searches per day for hotels across the globe, we’ve become a go-to source for travelers searching for their ideal accommodations. Adding your hotel to trivago Hotel Manager is free to do and it gives you the ability to make your profile look it’s best in front of our 120 million monthly visitors.

Success is in your hands

You decide how much of your business is generated through trivago. Complete and unique hotel profiles enjoy 35% of their bookings through us. By adding high-quality hotel images, accurate and thorough hotel details, and ensuring your availability and rates are up to date, you improve your rank on trivago.

A unique hotel profile ranks higher

Building a profile that stands out gives you a higher ranking in the search results. The more information, images, descriptions you provide, the better we can promote you to the right visitors

Here’s what you need to know to get started…


Menelaos Moustakas

Menelaos heads the Global Product Marketing team at trivago. Born and raised in the hospitality industry, he recognizes that every hotel is unique and therefore requires a unique marketing strategy in order to realize its full business potential. With his customer-service background and business degree, Menelaos strives to enable hoteliers to get everything they possibly can out of trivago Hotel Manager and metasearch marketing, so they can improve their online performance and maximize their revenue.

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