5 must-read books for hotel managers

5 Must-Read Books for People in the Hospitality Business

Great books inspire, educate, and have a way of nourishing the soul. Whether they are fictitious or factual matters little when it comes to their appeal. I might be so bold as to claim that if we don’t read, we’re missing out on an opportunity for even greater emotional and intellectual growth. Learning through the written word as […]

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Uno speaker a Phocuswright Europe

Phocuswright Europe 2016: Highlights

Innovators from all corners of the travel and hospitality industry took part in a fascinating dialogue at Phocuswright Europe this year, and it was a pleasure for us to join in. For those of you who couldn’t be there this time, here are the key highlights: Keynote: Expedia Worldwide Gary Morrison, Senior Vice President and Head […]

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desk and computer

10 Web Apps Every Hotelier Should Use

Being a hotelier requires exceptional organisational and multitasking skills. Managing a hotel and having a family life at the same time is the daily reality of many hoteliers. So I’m going to give you a list of 10 Web apps that’ll help you juggle the pieces of your hectic lifestyle. I selected and tested each one myself. You’ll notice they […]

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Dublin cityscape where Phocuswright Europe will be held

Trivago Is Joining the Conversation at Phocuswright Europe 2016

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ll be participating in Phocuswright Europe 2016 in Dublin, Ireland (May 10-12). We’re joining the dialogue on how to thrive in today’s travel marketplace, contributing expert opinions on the trends driven by the Millennial generation and how they’re impacting the hotel industry at large. The event brings together the region’s biggest […]

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The Rise of the Foodie: A Travel Trend Hotels Should Jump On

“Wait, don’t eat that yet! Here, take a picture. Turn off the flash and take it from above. Yeah, that’s it. Let’s see? Here, let me take one of mine.”  I hear this almost verbatim, several times a week. The words are uttered by all kinds of people, in places such as cafés, hotel bars, and restaurants. […]

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a young woman with dark hair with the sea behind her

People Still Prefer Hotels Over Shared Accommodations

Just a few years ago, bunking up in a shared accommodation rented out by a private property owner seemed like a bizarre practice to many travellers. Not anymore. But what is even more noteworthy is the impact this practice has had on travel, culture, and business. Also interesting is the generation at the forefront of this movement, known as […]

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Skyline di Londra

trivago Is Headed to the Travel Distribution Summit 2016

The Travel Distribution Summit, or TDS Europe 2016 as it’s more commonly known, starts tomorrow in London. Hosted by EyeforTravel, this is the biggest meeting place for European travel executives. And it’s about to change the way that you think about the travel sector. Digital disruption If you’ve been in the business for a while, you know first-hand that how […]

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Base7booking cloud-PMS dashboard on a desk

7 Reasons to Invest in a (Modern) Hotel Management System (Cloud-PMS)

Every hotelier deserves the best for his hotel. By the best, I mean the most innovative technology that will help him manage his hotel efficiently. A Property Management System, like Cloud-PMS, is the core tool of the hotel in terms of application; it helps managing reservations, invoicing, and daily tasks. Because it’s for the good […]

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Difference between Metasearch and OTAs

Metasearch and OTAs: Do You Know the Difference?

Metasearch and OTAs are often mistakenly thought of as being one and the same, when fact they are different platforms that can both work to grow your business in unique ways. This is a common misconception among hoteliers, as travellers use both platforms to search for hotels. It’s important for hotel managers to know how metasearch and OTAs […]

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a female hotel manager working at her desk on a laptop

Advertising Online Explained: A look at the CPM, CPC, and CPA

If you purchase ads online, the cost of advertising is likely presented in CPM, CPC, or CPA. All these abbreviations are a part of the online marketing lexicon nowadays. The acronyms are most familiar among those in the advertising industry or in a marketing role. For the typical business owner,  these are often completely new […]

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