Are Hotel Star Categories the Same in All Countries?

Is a 4-star hotel experience in Italy the same as a 4-star hotel experience in the US?

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How Metasearch Tools Are Empowering Hotels in 6 Points

Today, hundreds of thousands of hoteliers around the globe are empowered to take control of their hotel profiles and drive bookings through the use of metasearch marketing tools. And these metasearch tools are becoming increasingly crucial in staying competitive, just as metasearch is showing to be increasingly important in the booking journey. Which makes it […]

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facade of a hotel with red and white awnings

Online Reputation: 3 Reasons Why It Needs to Be Managed Daily

Is a bad review (or two) getting you down? Are you working really hard to make sure everything goes smoothly, only to find that no matter what, there are some customers you just can’t please? Shying away from your online hotel profiles because online reputation management can be daunting? We hear you. It happens. Rest assured, you’re […]

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Web 2.0 Can Save Your Hotel’s Online Reputation

In our previous blog post ”Worried about Your Hotel’s Online Reputation” we discussed how important online reputation has become for hotels. We looked at how the booking habits of travellers have morphed over the years and examined the shift from static offline hotel marketing to today’s multifaceted digital approach. Now we’re going to take it […]

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Hombre en traje gris delante de un edificio

Hotel Distribution and What It Means to Your Business

Hoteliers may be apprehensive when it comes to discussing hotel distribution channels. On one hand, it’s clear that they will need the help of the distributors to achieve higher occupancy rates. On the other hand, doubt arrives when it comes time to choosing the right ones in order to generate both high sales volume and […]

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a hotel manager works on his online reputation

Worried About Your Hotel’s Online Reputation?

Online reputation is a major concern for many business owners. To help you manage yours, we’ve put together a series of posts on the topic. Here’s a hypothetical case to help kick off our first post of the series. — Ann jumped out of bed this morning with more excitement than the average weekday inspires […]

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facade of a French hotel

Why a Main Image Matters to Your Hotel Profile

It’s no secret that photographs play an important role in the guest’s booking decision. Customers want to rest assured that they’ve found the ideal hotel for the best price. To feel secure with a purchase as intangible as a future overnight stay, they need concrete evidence that they’re making the right choice. Accurate descriptions, online reviews, […]

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A Contract between Wholesalers and Hoteliers

Hotel Distribution and OTAs: The 3 Stages You Must Know

As a hotelier, you have different options for distributing your hotel rooms in the online market: the wholesale model, the retail model, the merchant model and the tour operator model. The answer to the question above lies within the wholesale model. The wholesale business model Hotel wholesalers are intermediaries. They don’t directly market hotel rooms […]

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