Nobody knows your hotel better than you, the hotel manager. From the variety of room types available to the amenities and special offers, travellers want to hear it all – from you! The more detailed information you provide, the easier it is for trivago’s search to promote you to your ideal guests. But first thing’s first – you have to add your hotel to trivago in order to claim and edit the content on your hotel profile.

How do I add my hotel on trivago?

Registering on trivago Hotel Manager is free and only takes a couple of moments. We’ve put together a nifty tutorial that walks you through the process step-by-step. Watch it below.

After the tutorial, go here to claim your hotel profile on trivago.

Key things to note when registering your hotel on trivago

  • You can always choose more than one property
  • You can always add your property after registering
  • Fill out all of the required information
  • Use your work email address to sign up
  • Create your own password
  • Read & confirm our Terms & Conditions
  • Click the button “Create your free account”


Once you’ve added your hotel to trivago’s search, it will take up to 7 business days for our team to review and approve it. We want to check that we’ve got all of your hotel’s most vital details for optimal performance.

When approved, you will have access to trivago Hotel Manager. Hotel managers that use the entire trivago Hotel Manager platform to create complete and unique profiles benefit five times as much as their competitors.

But don’t stop there. Once you’ve got your hotel on trivago, help make it shine. trivago helps millions of monthly users searching for their ideal accommodations.  To get these travellers to view your hotel online, we suggest that you complete your property’s profile by updating  all of your hotel information.

Review your amenities, complete your locational details, and don’t forget to add your check-in and check-out particulars. Once all of your essentials are included in your listing, be sure to review your images. Are they accurate and attractive? Do they showcase your hotel in the best way possible? If not, remove lack-luster or outdated images and add high-quality ones instead.

Photographs that are 2000 pixels wide are best.

Once your photos are in order, we’ll take several days to review them. If there are some which are not beneficial to your profile, we’ll let you know so that your profile looks its best.

My hotel is on trivago but it doesn’t appear to be available 

Accurate availability is a pivotal part of your hotel’s success on trivago. Here’s how your current availability is determined.

Any price displayed on our website by a booking site is an advertisement-sponsored link paid for by the travel agencies. Due to the nature of the paid advertising model, online travel agencies continuously optimize the hotel inventory provided to us for each market separately. From a technical perspective, we verify that the advertiser connection for your hotel does exist. Even though it exists, it may be enabled or disabled.

If your hotel does not appear to be available then your rates will not show for that particular date.

If it should show as available, and isn’t, we suggest that you do the following:

  • Consider increasing the number of booking sites you collaborate with, especially with local online travel agencies, as this increases the possibility of being discovered on trivago.


  • Consider connecting your hotel through our Rate Connect system. Hotels with a direct connection through trivago can have availability and rates from their own website added to their trivago profile. When a traveller clicks on your rates, they’ll be taken directly to your hotel website to complete their booking.



Not a member yet? Register for free today.

Ok, So I want to add my hotel but what’s it really going to cost me?

That’s the best part about adding your hotel to trivago Hotel Manager: it is a free tool for you to utilize and grow your hotel business on.

trivago is a leading global hotel metasearch that compares deals from over 1,400,000 hotels and across 250+ booking sites worldwide. Millions of users find their ideal hotel on trivago every month, with the help of 200 million+ hotel ratings, 19 million photos, and our advanced filter options. That’s what we call smart searching.

At a glance:

  • 280,000 + independent hotels use trivago hotel manager
  • Millions of monthly travellers search trivago from all over the world
  • 55 localized websites
  • 1.4 billion visits every year


On trivago, guests enter hotel search criteria such as price, location, number of stars, and our metasearch engine combs millions of hotel deals online to present travellers with results that match their needs.

We then forward travellers to their preferred booking website to complete the booking at no extra cost to the hotel owner or guest. We receive our commission from the booking partner. If you want to add your own website to your profile and bring travellers directly to your page to book, check out Rate Connect.

Alright, So I’ve claimed my online hotel profile but the name isn’t correct, why not?

Before you claimed your profile we received your hotel’s information from third-party websites and booking channels. Now that you’ve claimed your hotel profile on trivago you can make sure it looks its best by being in charge of your hotel information, starting with the name.

You can change the name of your hotel by logging into your trivago Hotel Manager account.

The next step is to select “Hotel Information,” then click on “Hotel Details.”

Use the language selection to set the name of your property in various different languages. Please do not forget to click on the “save” button in order to confirm your entry.

And you’re almost done. trivago needs to proofread and confirm your information before publishing it, but within a week, your edits will be live.

Have additional questions about trivago Hotel Manager and how to add your profile? Let us know in the comments below.


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