On trivago, your hotel profile is everything. It’s how travellers find your hotel, and find out about its offerings, what it looks like, what makes it unique. It’s how they know your hotel is the ideal one for them. But who controls your hotel profile? Who adds the hotel details, the high-quality images, the compelling descriptions?

You do. You’re the hotel manager, after all. Nobody knows your hotel better than you, which is why travellers want you to be the one describing it to them. Oblige them. Because when you take control of your hotel profile, you take your success on trivago into your own hands. The more quality information you add to your profile and the more you optimise it, the easier it is for trivago to promote you to a world of potential guests.

If you don’t yet have a hotel profile on trivago, don’t worry. You can add it with trivago Hotel Manager—the metasearch marketing platform that enables you to take control of your profile on trivago. It’s free, easy, and explained step by step in the above video.

You’ll be glad you did.

Why register on trivago Hotel Manager

trivago Hotel Manager is your solution for building the unique hotel profile that can rank higher in trivago search results, connect you to millions of travellers, and drive more bookings to your hotel.

Registering and managing a basic profile is completely free of charge. For hoteliers looking to maximise their performance on trivago, there’s trivago Hotel Manager PRO—the upgrade that equips your profile with greater promotional features, and you with data on your competitors and audience. And if you want to drive direct bookings to your website by displaying your own rates, there’s an expert feature for that too.

Over 310,000 hoteliers are already registered on trivago Hotel Manager. Join them.

1.4 billion visits per year

With 1.4 billion visits per year to 55 localised websites available in 33 languages, trivago is a leading global hotel metasearch. And it’s growing, as is the number of travellers searching for hotels on trivago.

That’s a lot of traffic you don’t want to miss out on.

Success is in your hands

Registered hotels with top-ranked profiles enjoy 35% of their bookings through trivago. By adding, editing, and optimising the content of your profile, you influence your ranking in search results.

You control your success on trivago.

A unique hotel profile ranks higher

A high-ranking profile on trivago gets greater exposure and up to five times more visits. That’s up to five times more guests for you, just by managing your profile.

From your room types to your amenities, from your standard services to your special offers, you know exactly what your hotel has going for it. Don’t you want the millions of travellers searching on trivago to know too?

Menelaos Moustakas

Menelaos heads the Global Product Marketing team at trivago. Born and raised in the hospitality industry, he recognizes that every hotel is unique and therefore requires a unique marketing strategy in order to realize its full business potential. With his customer-service background and business degree, Menelaos strives to enable hoteliers to get everything they possibly can out of trivago Hotel Manager and metasearch marketing, so they can improve their online performance and maximize their revenue.

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